Here at Star Dream Design I help new age and spiritual entrepreneurs create beautiful websites so they can share their gifts with the world!

Hello, I'm ixchelle!

(Pronounced i-shell) I'm a web designer and lifelong mystic/clairvoyant/lightworker. 

I'm here to help you create a website and business strategy that serves your audience, showcases your gifts, and FILLS YOUR SOUL!

Not too long ago I started noticing that many new age entrepreneurs were struggling with the tech aspects of their business. So I began helping other mystics get their online strategies together and realized the huge need for spiritually aligned tech help!  Now I focus my web design services on helping fellow spiritual entrepreneurs...with a side of mysticism. 

I combine smart strategy, focused planning, and crystal clear communication with a big dash of divine heart led guidance! I can't to help you grow your light-filled business!


P.s. You can see my mystical/lightworker side in action at StarseedDreaming.com

Design with SALES & ABUNDANCE in mind!

  • Beautiful + STRATEGIC design.
  • Everything you need. Nothing you don't.
  • Crystal clear communication with regular updates.
  • Sales focused design with YOUR unique clients in mind.
  • Focus on Opt-ins and List Building.
  • Showcase your offers and services.
  • Built on WordPress, the most POWERFUL platform.
  • Custom video based TRAINING included.
  • All the tools you need to run your business and make those sales.
  • No more missed opportunities.
  • Concierge level support.



And not Squarespace, Wix, etc.

  • WordPress offers UNPARALLELED customization and design options. There’s no better option for designing a high-impact and professional-grade website.
  • Unlimited ways to EXPAND and GROW your site. WordPress nails it with features. WordPress has thousands of high-quality free & paid plugins that enable you to do practically anything you want with your site.
  • As your business grows you can add NEW MONETIZATION options like memberships, courses, and trainings without moving your whole site to a new platform. If you can dream it, WordPress can do it.
  • Far SUPERIOR SEO in WordPress thanks to powerful and constantly updated plugins (free and paid). Wix and Squarespace are known for poor SEO options (something most people don't realize until after they've built their sites).
  • Completely FLEXIBLE COST, since WordPress itself is free it's up to you how your spend your dollars across your brand. You control which web host, plan levels, and features you want to spend on. And you can change your plans as your brand grows. With Wix and Squarespace they are in the driver's seat. 
  • WordPress offers TOTAL AUTONOMY of your site. With WordPress you own your site 100%. With Wix and Squarespace you (and your site) are beholden to them. If they choose to raise rates, eliminate features, change options, sell the company, anything really, you are completely at their mercy.
  • WordPress is THE BEST choice for serious brands ready to grow their businesses, build their following, and serve their soul mate clients.

we might just be a perfect match...

Are you ready to build an effective online presence? And do it with a big dash of mysticism?

I specialize in designing beautiful yet strategic websites so you can showcase your absolute best, but with a big dash of spiritual connectedness.

With my background in business I approach website design from a strategic business savvy perspective, this is about showcasing your gifts so you can serve your audience with integrity.

But as a dedicated mystic, clairvoyant, and lightworker I connect with YOUR highest guides (yes I can connect to guides and beings from "the other side"--I've been doing it my entire life). Often getting information about what elements to choose and messages to relay. 

Finally, I weave your website with energetic magic, connecting your work with the abundance grids of the Earth to pour golden prosperity into you new creation. These are grids that I have been working of for some time, a big part of my soul mission here on Earth (but that's for another day). You can read more about my mystical work at @StarseedDreaming 

That may sound pretty woo (and it is), but this is the beauty of merging high vibrational lightwork and real world practicality. My work isn't for everyone, but your soul will tell you if I'm right for YOU.

Have you been wishing for someone who "gets" spiritual and new age entrepreneurs?

While I've been doing web design and strategy for many years I've actually been clairvoyant since childhood.

When I'm not designing websites I'm sharing messages from Spirit to the collective. I am dedicated to raising the planetary vibration, this is my main role in this incarnation. 

That's why I've decided to dedicate my web design services to helping fellow spiritual entrepreneurs like you. There is no other group I'd rather work with than those who are sharing their divine gifts with the world.

Whether you are a coach, healer, yoga teacher, herbalist, small business owner or ANY other spiritpreneur, please know you are in good hands!

I hold space for your project with love, light, and an open heart. This is all about marrying solid strategy with soul alignment!

Are you ready for crystal clear communication and to be truly SEEN?

Connecting to your guides is awesome, but so is good communication (no flaky spiritualist here). I firmly believe clear communication is the key to creating something spectacular. 

I make sure you know exactly what to expect so there are no unpleasant surprises. 

We work together and I lay out the game plan so you know where in the process we are and encourage sincere communication so this experience feeds your soul, instead of taxes it.

But beyond the logistics, my role as lightworker is to also SEE you. To witness the creation that is being made in the greatest and highest service to all. To see your soul mission and translate that into a very real project. 

READY TO learn more?




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