Email Marketing services
for spiritual entrepreneurs

Are you ready to start building your email list of soul mate clients?

Do you struggle to figure out what kind of freebie is right for your audience?

Need help creating a gorgeous e-guide, informative

on-demand webinar, or irresistible free course?

Want a sales funnel that sells your offers on auto pilot?

It's no coincidence you are here. Let me show you how I can make your dream a reality.

No more procrastinating. Start building your email list of raving fans and  loyal buyers today!

The email marketing process

The questionnaire

We start with a detailed questionnaire that gives me all the details about your vision, your goals, and your brand. Your goals will determine what your email marketing will look like.

The Deep dive call

We set up a call to go through all your answers and chat all about how we'll bring your goals to life! You may want to a simple setup or need an extended sales funnel sequence that pitches several offers along with a high value series. Each situation is unique.

The Draft

I get to work behind the scenes to create your email marketing campaign content that will nurture your audience, build loyalty, and showcase your paid offers in a tasteful way. Automated sequences can run from 3 days (like a "welcome series" to months-weekly-like an extended value sequence.)

The setup

Once I get your approval for the sequence I begin the work of creating your unique funnel. I also setup all the technical aspects including the landing pages, thank you pages, and link any third party apps. 


This is it! The big reveal! I join you on another call to walk you through all the full sequence. You'll see the journey from your customer's perspective and see how your system nurtures and sells on auto pilot.

The tools + training

Now it's time for the keys to your campaign!

Once your email marketing is setup I'll send you your training videos and a bundle of custom resources to help you manage your email marketing. We can also discuss long term maintenance agreements if that's more your style (subject to availability).


(Add on service)

~ Email Marketing Setup & Strategy ~


This packaged is designed for the entrepreneur ready to start building their list of amazing followers.

Remember that the following you have on Instagram or YouTube can be yanked away at a whim (we've seen this happening to other creators). I HIGHLY recommend that every entrepreneur have their own email list of loyal followers. 


CORRESPONDING CRYSTALS: Fluorite offers you mental acuity and brings balance to your state of being. This is critical when designing your freebie because you want to both offer value but also target your soulmate customer. 


CORRESPONDING ESSENTIAL OILS: Sweet basil can actually help improve memory and concentration making it a great ally for this project. If you are feeling a bit stressed about the deadline add soothing ylang-ylang.


INVESTMENT: Prices Vary | TIMELINE: 2-4 weeks

~ Includes  ~

  • LEAD MAGNET DESIGN + CREATION SUPPORT: A stunning and targeted lead magnet/freebie for your audience. You create the basic written or video content and I polish and format it. Choose from email based mini-courses (HIGHLY recommend), downloadable PDF cheatsheets and e-guides.
  • LEAD MAGNET LANDING PAGE DESIGN: Your lead magnet needs a landing page (think of this as a mini sales page), also known as a sign up page. This page isn't just a simple sign up box, nope. I create a mini sales page that "sells" your lead magnet in a heart centered way. This gets them excited to actually open that first email.
  • OPTIONAL OFFER SETUP ON THIRD PARTY PROVIDER: Depending on your freebie, you may be delivering it via a third party provider like Teachable or SendOwl, if that's the case I can setup your offer within the third party provider.
  • THANK YOU PAGE DESIGN: One your subscriber is all done signing up, it's important they know what to expect and what the next steps are. I create effective and purposeful thank you pages to make sure no subscribers get lost or confused. This is also a perfect spot to encourage subscribers to  follow you on any strategic platforms (like Instagram or YouTube)
  • OPTIONAL THANK YOU PAGE UPSELL: A very popular option is the addition of the thank you page offer. This is a small offer that is added to the freebie's thank you page. Usually integrated with a countdown timer, this upsell offer your subscribers a chance to buy a related paid offer at a substantial discount...but only for about 15 minutes or so.
  • OPTIONAL COUNTDOWN TIMER DESIGN + INTEGRATION: Choose a countdown timer campaign to add a sense of urgency to limited time offers like the Thank You Page Upsell.
  • INTEGRATE YOUR EXISTING EMAIL PROVIDER: How do you deliver that freebie? Through your email provider of course, but understanding how to integrate your provider with your landing page and set up the subsequent emails can be daunting. I connect your sign-up form to your existing email list and can draft the delivery email for you.
  • OPTIONAL EMAIL CAMPAIGN SETUP: If you don't have an existing email provider setup (like ConvertKit) you can choose to have this integrated into your package along with a "welcome series" of emails to offer your new subscribers high value. This also helps build subscriber loyalty and keeps them interested in your latest content.

Who is this for?

  • Coaches
  • Healers
  • Reiki Healers
  • Astrologers
  • Psychics
  • Yoga studios
  • Spiritual/"New Age" You Tubers
  • Herbalists
  • Wellness Coaches
  • Therapists
  • Intuitives
  • Crystal Keepers & Healers
  • Mystical Shops

And anyone who resonates with a soul centered business and seeks to bring more light into the world.

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Graphics + E-Guides Samples

E-Guide Designs

I love creating gorgeous e-guides, checklists, cheatsheets, and other perfect printables that will have your fans raving and craving more. Here are just a few of the designs I've created for other stunning lead magnets.


How does booking work?

How does payment work?

Do you have payment plans?

Can you create a custom package for me?

I need web design but can't afford your premium package, do you have a simplified package?

How long will this take?

What platforms do you use?

What third party services do I need to pay for?

Do you do E-commerce websites?

Do you create the content for me?

Hi I'm ixchelle!

(Pronounced i-shell) I'm a web designer, course creator, wellness junkie, and lifelong mystic/clairvoyant (bet you didn't see that coming).

I'm here to help you create a website and business strategy that serves your audience, showcases your gifts, and FILLS YOUR SOUL!

I combine smart strategy, focused planning, and crystal clear communication with a big dash of divine heart led guidance!