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Hello Gorgeous soul! Are you ready to have a website that showcases your magic to the world, all while selling your light-filled services?

Take a look below to see all the beautiful details of your new website and browse some of my web design projects, then click that big button and book your call today!


BEST FOR: Ready to make your dream a reality?

This packaged is designed for the service based spiritual entrepreneur ready launch (or update) their brand! 

You need a website that showcases what you offer and establishes you online...and with a big helping of light filled magic!

Go from concept to fully functioning website in just a few short weeks! Plus get all the TRAINING AND SUPPORT INCLUDED to run it yourself.

This package also includes many details left out by other designers such as analytics integration, opt-in pages, list building integrations (your email list), testimonials, and even custom video-based training. Includes so much more than just a website!

My job is to create a system that converts into sales and signups so you can share your magic! See below to learn all the juicy details.


CORRESPONDING CRYSTALS: Larimar for soothing water energy that connects you to ancient wisdom and bring you renewed clarity for this new endeavor. Later you may sit with carnelian and orange calcite to foster the creative spark and help you visualize the next steps.


CORRESPONDING ESSENTIAL OILS: Diffuse rosemary for memory and concentration, and peppermint to boost focus and invigorate the mind. You'll need both to bring new energy to this project.


INVESTMENT: $4,200+ | TIMELINE: 4-7 weeks*

(*Timeline is dependent on many factors including how quickly you can deliver the needed info, feedback, files, etc.)

~ Includes All This  ~

  • Boom! You get a website that helps your divine service stand out online, connect with your soul mate clients, and allows you to share your gifts with the world!
  • SPIRITUALLY CONNECTED DESIGN: I connect to your highest guides for support, insights, and ideas. This has been the most extraordinary part of my work. Your guides want you to succeed and they are always present when I created a light filled website.
  • YOUR DIVINE MESSAGE STRATEGY SESSION: This session is all about finalizing your brand's unique message and light filled strategy! Most web designer just create a website and wish you luck, but I'm not here to just create a website. I here to help you succeed in bringing your light to the world. We will review your message, your monetization strategy, and call in your guides to bring clarity and abundance as we work to create something extraordinary. (This session alone sells for $333)
  • YOUR WEBSITE DEDICATED WITH THE ABUNDANCE GRIDS OF EARTH: I (and many others I'm sure) have been working to clear the abundance grids on this planet and now their energy ready to be re-connected with. It has been my honor to help clear and bring these grids back online (I'm writing so much about this work), and now I have been gifted access. Every website I create is now woven with this extraordinary magic!
  • COMPLETE WORDPRESS SETUP: No more headaches! Includes WordPress installation and setup with installation of all necessary and recommended plugins (including backup and security plugins).
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY DESIGN: It's 2020, you NEED mobile friendly web design. All my websites are mobile friendly and responsive for all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile). 
  • COMING SOON PAGE: You'll get a simple but effective Coming Soon page to let your audience know your website is arriving soon. Optional opt-in form integration (so you can start getting sign-ups right away) on Coming Soon page also available.  
  • 6 PAGES INCLUDED: This package includes design of up to six website pages (e.g. Home, About, Contact, Services, Opt-in/Landing Page, Testimonials/Media-Kit) with two rounds of revisions included. Additional pages and revisions may be added for an additional fee.
  • BLOG SETUP: I can customize the format and setup your blog using the easy to use theme I recommend (and provide training for).
  • UP TO 4 SERVICES : I can create up to 4 services to be added to your Services Page and setup for purchase.
  • CALENDLY SETUP: Includes a custom calendar booking system setup using Calendly, as well as link it to your Services page.
  • BASIC SEO: I take care of all basic SEO setup using page names, SEO page titles, and metadata with the Yoast plugin.
  • FACEBOOK PIXEL INTEGRATION: If you ever think you might run ads on Facebook or Instagram you'll want to add the Facebook Pixel to your website NOW. That's because you can target (and retarget) people who've already visited your site. All you need to do is give me the pixel (don't worry I'll show you how) and I can embed it on your site. 
  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS INTEGRATION: Having Google analytics setup and installed is essential for tracking where your clients are coming from and optimizing your content to their needs.
  • BRANDED EMAIL ACCOUNT SETUP: You want to make sure you look professional so no more addresses. I will setup your custom email [you] in your host's backend and give you basic instruction for accessing it for free using Thunderbird or Outlook. 
  • SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION: This package includes integration of your social media including links to your social accounts (via icons) and one strategic feed link (if needed & strategic). For example a live feed of your Instagram account. May require the use/purchase of a third party app (depending on the platform). 
  • STOCK PHOTOS AS NEEDED: If you don't have your own high quality photos, I can search and provide up to 7 free (CC0) or paid (for you to purchase) stock photos to complete the look of your site. 
  • OPT-IN BOX: Sign-up box embedded design or pop-up using your existing lead magnet/freebie.
  • EMAIL MARKETING INTEGRATION: Start building your email list! Link your new website to your email list with included sign-up form integration using ConvertKit, Mailerlite, or MailChimp. Note: If you don't have an email system setup you can add email account setup plus a basic 3 email automated "Welcome Series" sequence for an additional fee.
  • REGULAR UPDATES & CLEAR COMMUNICATION: Don't you hate it when you don't know what's going on? I know I do. No more wondering how things are going, or confusion about what you need to do next. I use an easy to navigate project management system so you can see exactly what's next, what you still to supply, what I'm working on, and more!
  • VIDEO BASED TRAINING: Personalized training videos included. Step-by-step video based instructions to help you better understand how to navigate your new site, add or edit content and more! My goal is to make sure you know exactly how to make safe and simple changes as needed.
  • 4 WEEKS OF POST-LAUNCH SUPPORT: You also get four weeks of post-launch support! This is included just in case you have any questions about managing your new WordPress website & blog. My goal is to make sure you are comfortable with your beautiful and strategic new website!
  • OPTIONAL LONG TERM SUPPORT ADD-ON AT REDUCED RATES: If you prefer having me maintain your site, you can opt-in to a support package at reduced rates. 


Who is this for?

  • Coaches
  • Healers
  • Reiki Healers
  • Astrologers
  • Psychics
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Spiritual/"New Age" You Tubers
  • Herbalists
  • Wellness Coaches
  • Therapists
  • Intuitives
  • Crystal Keepers & Healers
  • Mystical Shops

And anyone who resonates with a soul centered business and seeks to bring more light into the world.

Website Design Samples

"I am so proud of my website. Clients are streaming in. Brands love it."

"The whole process of creating my website with Ixchelle has been a dream, her knowledge is incredible, from how to build the site and all the technicalities (all the bit's I didn't even know I had to think about) from aesthetics, to her vision. She had some really great creative ideas and touches to make it stand out, and at the same time really listened to me and how I wanted to present myself.

She is brilliant for all around support, organising and problem solving, which such a perfect balance of business and care, she just gets it and knows how to deliver.

She has a great way of making you feel 'seen' and 'heard' that you instantly feel at ease, and feel held.

I am so proud of my website! Clients are streaming in. Brands love it. My message has a beautiful home! Ixchelle has gone above and beyond, it has totally captured me and my energy perfectly. I really recommend Ixchelle if you wish to build an authentic, heart centered website site or elevate and revamp yours to the next levels." 

Katie-Jane Wright

"...dream come true. Clients are flying in"

"Working with Ixchelle was a dream come true!! She has done a spectacular job on all levels! Thanks to her very detailed and organized process, we had really smooth communication throughout the project. I was able to provide everything I needed to in due time, I always knew what we were working on and what her progress was. It made this whole creation so peaceful and clear for me!

I gave her guidelines for my vision and the structure I wanted, but I wasn't too sure about what design I resonated with. My business is mystical, elegant, feminine, deep and moody... how do you translate that?! Ixchelle completely grasped my vision, my energy, my message and translated that into the most beautiful, functional and smart website that is SO ME! I love all the functionalities she used to make my life easier so I can manage my website autonomously. Taking over was so easy after the launch.

I've never felt so supported in upleveling my business! Since then, clients are flying in. I worked in web marketing before being a spiritual entrepreneur so I can tell you this: Ixchelle is the most professional and down to earth web designer I've ever met.

I could not recommend her enough to you!! She is the best ally I could've dreamed of creating my website! I felt so understood and supported. Thank you Ixchelle !"

Julie H.

How we create magic!

The questionnaire

Once you are booked, we will start with a detailed questionnaire that gives me all the details about your vision, your goals, and your brand. 

The Deep dive call

We set up a call to go through all your answers and chat all about how we'll bring your vision to life! After the call you'll be in charge of delivering all those important bits (including your design inspiration) so I can get started on schedule.

The divine message strategy session

This session is all about finalizing your brand's unique message and light filled strategy! Most web designer just create a website and wish you luck, but I'm not here to just create a website. I here to help you succeed in bringing your light to the world. We will review your message, your monetization strategy, and call in your guides to bring clarity and abundance as we work to create something extraordinary. As a lifelong clairvoyant and energy worker this service is unique and powerful!


Once I have everything I need from you, I get to work behind the scenes to dream up something that will wow your audience and make you glow with pride! You'll get a web design draft to approve before I begin the final work on your website.


Once I get your approval and feedback from the draft, I begin the work of creating your unique website. This is where the magic happens!


This is it! The big reveal!

I join you on another call or video presentation to walk you through all the strategic elements, their purpose and how the site is designed to achieve your goals!

The tools + training

Now it's time for the keys to your site! Once your site is setup I'll send you your custom training videos and a bundle of custom resources to help you manage your website. But don't worry, you'll have me for four more weeks to answer any questions. We can also discuss long term maintenance if that's more your style.

dedicating your website and connecting to the abundance grids of the earth

Our journey together is sealed with this gift. I call in your benevolent guides and together we connect you website/your light filled brand to the abundance grids of the earth. These grids and energy lines allow the divine abundance of the universe to flow fiercely into all who call upon them. I have been working with these grids and have seen their extraordinary golden energy, full of love for all.

While this is no substitute for good planning and hard work, it will enable synchronicities and the infuse your work with divine abundance energy.  A true gift for your journey as a lightworker. 


How does booking work?

How does payment work?

Do you have payment plans?

Can you create a custom package for me?

I need web design but can't afford your premium package, do you have a simplified package?

Do you offer website redesigns?

How long will this take?

What platforms do you use?

What third party services do I need to pay for?

Do you do E-commerce websites?

Do you create the content for me?

Do you do branding?

Hi I'm ixchelle!

(Pronounced i-shell) I'm a web designer and lifelong mystic/clairvoyant/lightworker. 

I'm here to help you create a website and business strategy that serves your audience, showcases your gifts, and FILLS YOUR SOUL!

Not too long ago I started noticing that many new age entrepreneurs were struggling with the tech aspects of their business. So I began helping other mystics get their online strategies together and realized the huge need for spiritually aligned tech help!  Now I focus my web design services on helping fellow spiritual entrepreneurs. 

I combine smart strategy, focused planning, and crystal clear communication with a big dash of divine heart led guidance!


P.s. You can see my mystical/lightworker side in action at

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