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If you want to take a DIY approach or just need some ideas about which resources are best check out my resources list below. These are the exact resources I use to create magical sites. 

Affiliate disclosure: Please note some of the links below may be affiliate links to products I love and would recommend regardless. The prices are always the same for you but help with the cost of running the site and offering free tips and resources.

Get CHEAP Domain Names from a Great Company

Pick your perfect domain name then buy your name from my favorite seller NameCheap! Their dashboard is clean and easy to navigate, customer service is awesome, and the renewals are always priced cheap (unlike GoDaddy). Oh their "Who Is" option (to hide your contact info from trolls) is ALWAYS free!

Setup Your RELIABLE + FAST Web Hosting

The right web host is CRITICAL to easily managing your websites. I'm not kidding, it's the difference between a black screen of death that obliterates your site or getting it fixed in a few clicks.

I've had Siteground for several years now and they have always been AMAZING. No seriously, I've had to get help for so many snags and hiccups and they have always been awesome. Immediate customer service is available via chat. 

They also offer free https (important for SEO), and epic cache-ing (makes your site faster), and free backups (MUST have) with their Grow Big package and higher. I require my clients to all have reliable hosting before I build out their sites. You honestly can't go wrong with Siteground. I LOVE them!


Choosing a well designed, mobile friendly, and fast WordPress theme is ESSENTIAL to a successful website. 

Knowing that is the easy part, choosing a theme is much harder.

For my own sites I ONLY buy my themes from my go-to highly rated seller Meks on ThemeForest.

These guys has a fantastic portfolio of themes plus they offer the BEST in support. I've asked so many questions over the years and they have gone waaaay above and beyond to help me fix whatever problem I have. I am crazy loyal to this team! Check out Meks' portfolio on Theme Forest here.

Build an IMPRESSIVE Looking Website...the easy way

Well the easiest way is to hire me! But if DIY is more your jam I highly suggest you use Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect is THE page builder that I use to create super custom home pages, landing pages, sales pages, and pretty much any kind of page you can think of.

It literally replaces Lead Pages, Opt-In Monster, and a bunch of other third party apps. That means less expense for you and fewer plugins to keep track of and update.

The price is very competitive as well. Just pay a ONE TIME license fee of $67! (For a single license)

Guys this is a no brainer, stop the home page envy and get Thrive Architect!

Get gorgeous graphics and fonts

Every brand will need some kind of unique graphics and fonts. From social media posts to branding it's nice to have something that reflects your brand and helps you stand out.

I buy all my custom fonts and graphics from Creative Market.

Creative Market is a huge marketplace of fonts, graphic elements, images, templates, and more. Plus every week 

Plus every week they offer epic freebies if you sign up to their newsletter. So click below and start getting your design elements today!

P.s. Another great place for Graphics is The Hungry Jpeg. While I tend to like the offerings from Creative Market a little better, The Hungry Jpeg does have some great options as well. Plus they also offer weekly freebies if you sign-up to their newsletter.  

Setup Your Email Service Provider ASAP

If you've spent any time chatting with me you know how important it is to have begin collecting emails of targeted subscribers. Once you create an amazing freebie, you'll need a third party email provider to deliver that freebie along with your high value emails. 

While there are MANY options there are only two I recommend. 

First is ConvertKit, that's who I use for my other websites. ConvertKit has a clean user friendly interface, a TON of customization options (including tags, segments, excluding groups from emails, and son on) and their customer service is fantastic. The only down side is that they have no free option. Now while I think the $29 is worth all the features and reliability it may not be doable for everyone.

If you are just getting started (meaning you aren't making consistent sales yet) then consider MailerLite. The customer service is not as fantastic as ConvertKit but they do have a lot of features, and also offer a user friendly interface. I did find a few things lacking (like the ability to exclude buyers and some of the integrations with shopping cart systems) but if you just need a basic newsletter and aren't running complex sales funnels MailerLite should be perfect for your needs. And it's free for the first 1000 subscribers.

edit photos + add text + much more

Photos are a BIG part of modern web design, marketing, and at the core of social media.

If you need an fantastic photo editor to edit, add text, layer graphics, and more try PicMonkey.

Pic Monkey is MUCH easier to use than PhotoShop and without the hefty price tag. I use PicMonkey and Canva together as my core editing tools.

While Canva is great for creating promotional elements like e-books, presentation slides, and more, PicMonkey is far superior at visual photo editing. Plus you can also layer elements in Pic Monkey just as you do in Canva. Together they make a great team for all your visual assets. 

take pinterest to the next level

Pinterest has remained one of the best ways to get consistent traffic if your niche targets women (particularly if your niche is in health and wellness, home, lifestyle, food, family, etc. or if you have a store with physical products) but the trick is pinning consistently and with the right mix of pins.

I've used Tailwind for years to create pinning schedules that run automatically without having to be on Pinterest day and night.

Since the Pinterest algorithm seems to reward this kind of consistency and mix of my pins (from my URL) and other people's pins it's become my MAIN Pinterest tool.

Another bonus is access to Tailwind Tribes with is like Pinterest Groups on steroids. Niche specific Tribes will pin each other's content on a 1 to 1 ratio (meaning you share one pin for each one you submit).

If Pinterest is a good option for your content consider using Tailwind to make your life MUCH easier.  

Use Instagram tools to make posting a breeze

I actually have several IG accounts and have played with several third party schedulers. 

My two favorites are Later and Planoly.

Both platforms allow you to pre-create your post and then either auto post for your or notify you when at scheduled time. 

I also like that you can see how the grid will look before posts and use hashtag tools to both save hashtags and find new relevant tags.

Both have FREE plans that you can use or upgrade to unlock more features. Try Planoly by clicking here and Later here.


Creating courses or paid trainings is a great way to get recurring income on a digital product much easier than trading dollars for hours.

Teachable is an all in one platform that MANY course creators use to host their courses and paid trainings. It's well built, reliable, and user friendly. This is also the platform I build my client's courses within. 

If you also have other digital offers in addition to video based offers you could also host these all in one "School".

Finally you could create a membership based site using the Teachable platform and even set up recurring payments, coupons, etc.

Honestly there is so much potential here. Click here to learn more about Teachable.

Sell your e-book from your own website

If text based resources, like e-books, are more your style then you might consider SendOwl.

SendOwl is an integrated system that allows you to setup payment and deliver any type of digital product. While you can technically sell an online course with SendOwl I prefer the platform for PDF and e-book sales. 

Just like Teachable, SendOwl integrates payment processors, allows up-sells, and delivers the offer all from one platform. Click here to learn more about SendOwl

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